52 Good Photos Of German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid

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big german shepherds wolf german shepherd hybrid a wolf dog can be an implausibly tender and emotive panion but never worsen vision of the fact that hybrids are not retributive rhythmical dogs they do possess a feral assaulter sidelong which makes them extremely reasonable they saneness and plan things out german shepherd the german shepherd german deutscher schäferhund german pronunciation [ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt] is a breed of medium to large sized working dog that originated in germany should you adopt a german shepherd wolf mix read before german shepherd wolf mixes are popular wolf dogs as the name indicates a wolf dog is a hybrid resulting from the cross breeding of a domestic dog and a wolf wolfdog a wolfdog is a canine produced by the mating of a domestic dog canis lupus familiaris with a gray wolf canis lupus eastern timber wolf canis lycaon red wolf canis rufus or ethiopian wolf canis simensis to produce a hybrid german shepherd dog breed information and "this is my best friend crixus he is 7 months old and weighed 85lbs in this picture he is a german shepherd crixus is the best dog i have ever had do german shepherds have wolf ancestry i’ve decided to open up another can of worms but i found this article by tina barber on the shiloh shepherd website anyone willing to do some intense research into the past will find considerable information linking the “origins” of this breed [german shepherd dog] with the wolf german shepherd lab mix a plete guide wel e to your plete guide to the wonderful german shepherd lab mix breed dog from appearance to temperament training to care everything you need to know about this charismatic cross .