47 Prettier Pics Of Shih Tzu toy Poodle Mix

Shih Tzu X Toy Poodle Puppies Brentwood Es
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shih tzu puppies for sale shih tzu dog breed info the shih tzu originated in china centuries ago their name means “lion” so they are sometimes referred to as the “lion dog” they were developed by imperial breeders in the palace who crossed the lhasa apso and pekingese to create it shih tzu the shih tzu is a sturdy little dog with a short muzzle and large dark eyes they have a soft and long double coat although sometimes long a shih tzu will not always have extremely lengthy hair lorrainsyorkies teacup puppies tiny teacup poodle yorkie poodle maltese & shih tzu breeders a lot of times will refer to a tiny pups mini micro as being teacup t cup size teacup yorkies or teacup puppies shih tzu mix puppies for sale zuchon shichon teddy bear shih tzu mix puppies this website you will see photos of puppies that are mixed with a shih tzu and another breed each and every one of the photos on this site are from our breeding s all the photos on this site are owned by fuzzywuzzypups or shorkieworld toy poodle mix puppies for sale toy poodle mixes will have traits from both dog breeds in the mix so it’s important to take a look at both to enough information about your prospective pup shih poo shih tzu poodle mix facts temperament the shih poo is a designer breed that developed from the ‘shih tzu’ and the ‘miniature poodle’ these small long haired dogs have a round face rounded button eyes a long nose hanging ears and a triangular muzzle giving it a very close resemblance to teddy bears shih tzu puppies & dogs adopt a pet woof why a shih tzu puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life look at pictures of shih tzu puppies who need a home .